All about Disaster! a 70’s Movie–Musical!

Hey all, I’m a guest on Delilah Devlin’s blog today. Check out my post about my experience in musical theater and take a look around her site! http://Hey everyone, I’m a guest on Delilah Devlin’s blog today, talking about my recent experience performing in Disaster! A 70’s Movie–Musical!

Lightwave: Circini Search is live!

It’s my book birthday! Lightwave: Circini Search is live at Amazon, B&N Nook and several others now, and should be at Kobo and all the others within the next day or so! Amazon B&N Nook  

A new member of Scott Space

Welcome our new pack member, Zoe! Isn’t she adorable? She’s twelve weeks old and a bundle of energy. Zoe loves tug of war, chasing balls, digging and playing in the water. The water thing surprised us–none of our other German Shepherds liked water at all. Since she’s still very much a puppy, my writing has…

Lightwave: Nexus Station is Live!

It’s here! Only for Newsletter Subscribers! (Scroll to the form at the very bottom to sign up if you haven’t joined me in Scott Space yet.) Lightwave: Nexus Station — Folding Space Series 0.5 (Prequel) Trouble in all the wrong places. Katryn of Cygnus knocks Tyron Phazeer off his feet—literally and figuratively. She’s got the…

Hiking the Bear Creek Overlook

The Amazing Sleeping Man had a tough week at work, but he still wanted to go hiking this week. So, I picked the Bear Creek Overlook. We hike Bear Creek itself a couple of times a year, but we’ve never done the overlook. That was a mistake–it’s beautiful! Especially in fall, when the larch are…

Two Steps Closer – Cover Reveal!

I’m two steps closer to getting my free novella out. I’ve just received comments from my editor, and I have a lovely cover. I may delay the release a little because Team Rubicon is running six different operations to help clean up after Hurricane Florence. I intend to deploy in October to help out. If…

Free Books!

I’m involved in two big giveaways for the next two weeks. I’ll post them both today, and probably a couple more times. This is a great opportunity to find new SF and Fantasy Authors you might enjoy! Just click on the pictures below.

Proofs Have Arrived!

The proof copies for Lightwave: The Sisters of Cygnus have arrived! Paperbacks will be available for ordering as soon as I verify everything printed correctly. Aren’t they beautiful?

Adventures in Wyoming with HistoriCorps—the Anderson Cabin

After nine and a half hours of driving, the last hour on well-maintained gravel roads in the middle of nowhere, Wyoming, I finally reach the trailhead. I see a dusty HistoriCorps sign and follow it around to a corral with a Forest Service truck and livestock trailer and a HistoriCorps truck and cargo trailer parked…