Lightwave: Nexus Station is Live!

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Lightwave: Nexus Station — Folding Space Series 0.5 (Prequel)

Trouble in all the wrong places.

Katryn of Cygnus knocks Tyron Phazeer off his feet—literally and figuratively. She’s got the net security skills Lightwave needs, she’s killer in a fight, and as a bonus, she’s beautiful. She’s perfect, for Lightwave, and for him.

Katryn’s been burned more than once—is Tyron too good to be true? And does she really want to work and live on a ship?

When a mercenary troop chases Katryn through a space station, she escapes using hidden corridors for station maintenance personnel. Tyron knows those passages are controlled by a shady group known only as Nexus Below, and now, Katryn’s got trouble above and below. Can Tyron rescue Katryn from her enemies? Can Katryn learn to trust Tyron? Find out in Lightwave: Nexus Station!


  1. David DeMoss says:

    Alas, no email for its availability has appears in my inbox, my clock must need adjusting. It’s pre-ordered on amazon though, I can’t wait for it to hit my Kindle.

    1. amscottwrites_fxi35m says:

      Your clock needs adjusting! Hah! That’s awesome!
      Thank you! Did you get your copy of Lightwave: Nexus Station? The link should have come in my latest email if you’re signed up for my Newsletter.
      If you didn’t get it, send me an email at and I’ll send it right to you!

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