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Quinn of Cygnus: Shockwave, Quantum Fold 3

Adulting sucks like the big black hole of Andromeda.

Just as Q is about to reunite with her Lightwave family, she ends up alone and friendless in uncharted space. Hal, the AI who controls her ship, is too busy fighting off another AI to even answer her questions. As food, water and power dwindle, Q tries to help, and it all goes wrong.

Convinced she’s a danger to all, Q strikes out to make her own way in the universe. A young woman alone draws the wrong kind of attention and Q must develop new skills and strengths to protect herself. A chance encounter and poor decisions put her in even more trouble.

Surviving will take all she’s got. Escaping will take more than she can imagine. Saving others will require sacrifice beyond comprehension. But Q does nothing by half measures.

Quinn of Cygnus: Escape Velocity, Quantum Fold 2 

There’s no place like home—and sometimes that’s a good thing. 

When Quinn returned to the Sisters of Cygnus, she didn’t plan on staying. But two years later, she’s still there—and her enemies are closing in.

Desperate to escape, she’s offered a job on the high-profile research vessel Quantum Fold. The offer seems too good to be true. And maybe it is—everyone is watching, including those who won’t hesitate to sell her out.

Quinn can’t run, because her secret abilities could be a game changer for the mission. But if she can’t run, and she can’t hide, what’s left?


Quinn of Cygnus: Lift Off, Quantum Fold 1

Something is wrong at Adzari Net Academy. Really wrong.

It all seemed so right—Quinn’s big chance! She’d leave the mud, giant lizards and back-breaking labor behind forever and gain so much more: skills, connections, a job, a real life.

Then Quinn arrives to find the academy under new ownership and everything’s changed. Mean girls, strict schedules and tough teachers aren’t a problem. Quinn’s got the brains, discipline and training to beat them at their own game.

But the new owners raised the stakes and the house always wins. Quinn’s big adventure has become a fight for survival. Light years from home, with no power or backup, how can she endure?

Some might give up and fail. But not Quinn. She’s determined to not just survive, but escape and do a little damage on her way out.

They’ll never know what hit them.

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Lightwave: Nexus Station, Folding Space Series 0.5, Prequel Novella

How did Tyron and Katryn Phazeer, Lightwave’s security officers, meet? Find out in this classic space station adventure.

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Lightwave: Clocker, Folding Space Series 1.0

Saree’s got a secret…

A secret that allows safe travel between star systems.

Saree’s the only human Clocker – she tunes space-fold clocks. But…

If anyone knew, she would be betrayed – forced to blockade and blackmail systems for evil crime lords or corporations.

With a bounty hunter on her heels, Saree jumps on Lightwave Fold Transport, the safest option. But will Lightwave’s crew protect her? Do they suspect who she’s become? Can Saree keep her secret safe?

Race across the universe, one step ahead of danger, with Saree and the crew of Lightwave in this classic space opera. Get your copy of Lightwave: Clocker, Folding Space Series 1.0, before freedom ticks away, one nanosecond at a time…

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Lightwave: The Sisters of Cygnus, Folding Space Series 2.0

Stuck between a hot rock and a hard, cold place.

The Sisters of Cygnus provide the crew of Lightwave a safe place to rest and relax. But when Lightwave makes their usual resupply run, they find marauding prospectors attacking the colonists. The Inquisitors, as they’re known, search for transuranic metals deep underground; stealing, raping and pillaging the outlying ranches. The Sisters need help to oust the evil from their planet.

Unwilling to resume a mercenary life, Captain Ruhger offers to evacuate the Sisters, transporting them to a new world. But Mother Ferra, the Sister’s leader, desperately wants some startup credits to ease their way and the Inquisitors aren’t willing to let slave labor just fly away. Saree, Hal and Lightwave’s crew have no idea how far either will go…

Can Saree survive the dangerous caverns of Cygnus Gliese? Can Lightwave hold off the Inquisitors? Find out in Lightwave: The Sisters of Cygnus!

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Folding Space Series 3.0, Lightwave: Shooting Star!

Is the aging boy-band singer a shooting star doomed to burn in fast? Or is he shooting back?

When Lightwave agrees to transport a washed-up pop star, they anticipate temper tantrums, arrogance, and the occasional out-of-her-orbit teenage fangirl. And the fangirls hit like the mother of all meteor fields.

What they don’t expect is a space station full of Old Earth sci-fi fans, the Robber Barons of Aus fulfilling every wish their fangirl daughters have, or an old enemy rising from the dust clouds of Lacerta.

Can Lightwave and Saree survive the pop star and his fans? And what about that old enemy? Find out in Lightwave: Shooting Star, Folding Space Series 3.0!

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Lightwave: Lost, Folding Space Series 4.0

United we fall, divided we run.

Saree’s secret identity isn’t so secret anymore, so she agrees to leave Lightwave behind—forever. When every mercenary, bounty hunter and opportunist is searching for you, traveling alone is terrifying. But if she stays on Lightwave, their enemies will find them.

While Lightwave and her crew run for the fringes of known space, Saree and her seemingly sentient shuttle, Hal, head the other direction. But are they really safer apart? Will Hal’s impulsive behavior thrust them straight into a black hole? And what happens when the Time Guild decides to interfere? Find out in Lightwave: Lost, Folding Space Series 4.0!

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 Lightwave: Circini Search, Folding Space Series 5.0

Folding Space Series 5.0

Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory…  

Saree is trapped. On the verge of destruction, Hal sacrificed himself so Saree could escape on Lightwave. Then the ransom demand for her best friend Nari arrives and Saree hesitates. The best way for Hal to find Saree—when he escapes—is staying on schedule, onboard Lightwave. But saving Nari from Lightwave’s old enemy means taking crazy risks and tossing all their careful plans into the vacuum.

When a Gov Human military rescue team arrives, they seem like the perfect answer. But Lightwave’s crew and the rescue team immediately clash, fighting for control. Saree seizes command, forcing them to work together, but her lack of experience and incompetence alienates everyone. As the ancient adage says, “Bad leaders with good intentions fold into black holes.” Can Saree and Lightwave’s crew survive to rescue Nari and Hal, or will freedom tick away forever? Find out in Lightwave: Circini Search today!

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Lightwave: Command Decision, Folding Space Series 6.0

Hal’s back—but can they trust him?

Saree and Lightwave fly as a team, maintaining clocks and trying to avoid everyone hunting them.

But Saree’s no-longer secret identity is straining their bonds. No matter how many times they change their name or fold to a new constellation, Lightwave is under constant threat. Organized crime, greedy corporations, and political operatives all hunt Saree—the most wanted woman in the universe.

Lightwave needs real protection, maybe a whole military fleet.

When Hal shows up, apparently unharmed from his captivity, he has all the answers. But is his escape too good to be true? And will the pressure on the crew form diamonds or crush them into stardust?

Find out in Lightwave: Command Decision, Folding Space Series 6.0!

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Lightwave: Longshot, Folding Space Series 7.0

Safety is a longshot, but it’s better than no shot at all.

With a Gov Human military task force protecting Lightwave, Saree is content. Add in her new relationship with Ruhger and Saree is truly happy. Then an unknown enemy attacks the task force, creating chaos, and Lightwave is back on the run.

Elements inside Gov Human blame the attack on Saree, using the destruction to instigate a military rebellion. Saree finds herself and Lightwave firmly in the cross-hairs of Gov Human and their allies. With enemies on all sides, “safety” shoots right out the airlock. Mere survival is a longshot…

The thrilling conclusion of the Folding Space Series is finally here!

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Lightwave: Jericho Colony Rescue — A Folding Space Series Prequel Short Story

No plan survives first contact with the enemy. When the enemy is your former commander? You need a new plan.

Growing up in mercenary company Phalanx Eagle, Ruhger has a set of skills most teens can only dream about. But when the leaders of his merc company go to the dark side, Ruhger and his friends must save the orphans of Jericho Mining Colony to save their parent’s reputations—and all their lives.

Since the usual procedures won’t work, Ruhger must use his cunning, marksmanship and piloting skills to lead his team on a daring mission to save the orphans. Cheat to win is his motto for this mission—this is not a test.

Join Ruhger and his friends on their first solo mission through the spooky tunnels of Jericho Mining Colony. Will this rescue forge the future crew of Lightwave into an unbreakable team or shatter them completely?

This short story was originally published in The Expanding Universe 5.

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