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Bitter Haven is available now!

Ebook cover of Bitter Haven, Book 1 of the Bitterroot Montana VeteransA woman who lost everything in the fires of war.

After losing her husband to a bomb in Afghanistan, military vet Erin Moore runs home to Marcus, Montana. To keep his memory alive, she follows their dream of opening a classic car garage and coffee shop, but building a successful business is hard. Hiring Ryan Walsh was her best decision so far. He’s dedicated, smart—and ridiculously appealing. But acting on her attraction to the much younger man is a huge risk for her business—and her battered heart.

A man battling the ghosts of the battlefield.

After a mortar attack took Airman Ryan Walsh’s health and high-tech career in one blast, he went home to lick his wounds. Trying to adjust to civilian life, he drifts through a series of minimum wage jobs. Then Erin hires him and his past roars to life, especially his longing for the fiery redhead. But he’s too broken for any woman, let alone a successful business owner.

When a brutal attack forces them together, sparks fly. Will the fire bond them forever or burn them to ashes?

(Note: Previously published as Love, Coffee & Cars.)

Bitter Retreat: 

Available now!

Book cover for Bitter Retreat; Bitterroot Montana Veterans Book 3

A woman betrayed by her brothers-in-arms

Assaulted while deployed and betrayed again by her commanders, “Wiz” vows to never be vulnerable again—she hides everything, even her name. Developing internet security software made her wealthy, and she’s made herself into a weapon. But safety is lonely.

A man determined to save the family ranch

His dad’s health precarious, Tom Borde gave up his big city life. But he and his dad clash constantly—Tom wants a modern, sustainable ranch, while his dad clings stubbornly to the past.

When Tom is thrown by his horse, Wiz reluctantly rescues him. Determined to protect herself, Wiz fights her attraction to the handsome rancher. But when Wiz’s ex-husband decides he deserves what Wiz earned after he left, Tom and his dad work together to provide support and protection against her ex—and his friends, who not only want her money, but revenge. Can Wiz and Tom overcome their pasts to forge a new future, together?

(Previously published as Love, Computers & Cows)

Bitter Sweet is available now!

Book cover for Bitter Sweet, Bitterroot Montana Veterans Book 3A woman betrayed

Deb’s disastrous first marriage is behind her and she’s worked hard, regaining her confidence while building the best bakery in Marcus, Montana. But it’s a mixed blessing. She can’t keep up with the demand, and Marcus Bank is hounding her to expand and pay off her debt, sending investors she doesn’t want. Especially when those “investors” speak Russian, carry concealed weapons, and make threats.

A man struggling to find himself

Michael Acer didn’t want to leave the Army, but his injuries meant he couldn’t stay. He’s started a successful home improvement business in his home town despite his disabilities. Although he loves living in the mountains, a civilian business doesn’t offer the same sense of purpose and he misses the military friends he left behind.

While repairing Deb’s bakery, Michael dreams of nights at home with the curvy beauty. But the award-winning businesswoman doesn’t need a volatile veteran complicating her life. Then Deb’s prospective “investors” increase their threats to physical violence. Guarding Deb and her bakery gives Michael his life meaning. Long nights lead to growing attraction and affection. But Deb has misjudged men before—can she trust Michael with her heart?

Bitter Past is available now!Cover of Bitter Past

A woman heartbroken

Sam Kerr had it all: a thriving law practice, a beautiful home and a wonderful circle of friends. But watching her friends find love reminds her of the man who left her behind. Romance isn’t worth the pain; she’ll stick with business.

Then she discovers Marcus Bank, her wealthiest client, is supporting criminal activity. Sam drops them immediately and loses her income, her community’s support, and everything she fought so hard to build. Even worse, the only person who can help her is the man who abandoned her.

A man conflicted

Trevor Mills sails the world with the US Navy, haunted by the memory of the woman he had to leave behind. A life-changing injury drives him from the service into a new desk job with the FBI in the DC area. The city’s noise, traffic and people are a constant reminder that he lost the perfect life and love.

Then the FBI needs an undercover agent in Marcus, Montana, forcing Trevor to return and face the woman he’d never stopped loving. Sam hates him, but needs to bring the criminals threatening their town to justice. As the danger intensifies, Sam and Trevor can’t deny their attraction.

Will confronting their painful past help Sam and Trevor survive the present and build a future together, or tear them apart forever?

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Cover of Bitter Roots; a bearded man smiles down, while he hold her in his arms.A woman weary of battling the system

Fighter pilot Colonel Sara Shaw longs for the wild blue yonder, but she’s stuck flying a desk in the Pentagon. The military is still a boy’s club, so she misses out on the best missions. In desperate need of a break, she agrees to spend her use-or-lose leave helping a squadron-mate’s mom on her Montana ranch.

An injured rancher, struggling to accept help

Grant Maclay runs the Bar MC ranch. He’s happiest on his tractor feeding the cows by himself. But with a broken arm, even the toughest military veteran needs help. His mother is quick to step up, but it’s too much for one woman in the depths of a frigid Montana winter. His brother can’t get leave, so he sends a squadron mate to help—a tiny woman who’s never set foot on a cattle ranch.

Used to working twice as hard as the men for half the credit, Sara ignores Grant’s grumpiness and jumps in, vowing to take a beach vacation next time. But as they learn to work together, Grant and Sara discover they have more in common than they expected. A tiny ember sparks heats up the icy ranch. If they fan the flame, will it bring them warmth or burn them both?

Saved by the Airman has launched into the Wild Blue Yonder!Cover of Saved by the Airman

Master Sergeant Chris Hall’s party-hard days are behind him; he’s become the perfect Air Force aircraft maintainer, earning quick promotions. Although the life of a rising star is lonely, he’d rather embrace his lone-wolf reputation, because it’s safer than jeopardizing his heart.

After a series of disappointing relationships, intelligence expert Major Amy Stone hides behind her “Stone Cold” call sign, giving up on dating, and concentrating on her career. Rex, her loyal German Shepherd, is the only guy Amy needs.

On a solo hiking trip, Chris finds an unconscious Amy and her snarling dog. When weather moves in, Chris’s quick thinking saves their lives and sparks an instant attraction. After their adventure, their connection grows, despite the risks of a forbidden relationship and the danger to their guarded emotions. When a threat from Amy’s past returns, not only are their hearts and careers in danger, but possibly their lives.

Join the active duty heroes and heroines of the Wild Blue Yonder Hearts for danger, action, adventure and a sweet happily ever after that won’t steam your glasses!

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