Hiking the Bear Creek Overlook

The Amazing Sleeping Man had a tough week at work, but he still wanted to go hiking this week. So, I picked the Bear Creek Overlook. We hike Bear Creek itself a couple of times a year, but we’ve never done the overlook.

That was a mistake–it’s beautiful! Especially in fall, when the larch are starting to turn. Even with a little snow.

It’s longer than the Blodgett Overlook trail, but still an easy, pleasant hike. It’s also in the trees most of the way, so you could hike it even in the height of summer. It’s 2.5 miles long, with a 1200 ft elevation gain, and a nice wide tread on long switchbacks.

This is a popular trail, with very little parking at the trailhead, and the hardest part is driving there–the road is very narrow and rocky in parts.

But the end result is well worth it!