Busy, busy, busy

It’s been a busy month. In May, we did a big (for Montana) project with Team Rubicon. Partnering with the Five Valleys Land Trust, we held a Sawyer 1 class and cleared downed trees and dangerous standing timber from a small section of FVLT property. The property was opening to the public in June, so we needed to do what we could quickly. It was a big success – we have 8 trained sawyers and we mitigated the fire risk on a couple of acres.

Awesome TR people at work:

After cutting:

Before cutting:20170316_161241

The next week, I deployed to Operation Wind River, filling sand bags on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming. In two days, our small but mighty team filled 3000 sandbags, ensuring a little more property could be protected.

Here’s a picture of the Tetons:

The next weekend was the Heroes@Home BBQ in Missoula, where I spread the word about Team Rubicon and talked to veterans from every era. It was a great day, sunny and warm, with lots of awesome people out and about.

(Yes, my cake is in distress – it’s about to be eaten!)

On the writing side, I entered Query Kombat. I didn’t get picked up, but I won a free critique of my first page and my query, which I truly appreciate.

Finally, this last weekend, my husband’s best friend from high school and college came to visit, along with his wife. It was a great chance to catch up and reconnect in person.

I’m entering the #pg70pit – we’ll see how that goes! Like or R/T my pinned post, please? Thanks!

Wishing you a happy summer!