Lolo Peak Trail 

We hiked up the Lolo Peak Trail recently.  We’d intended to go at least to Carlton Lake, but we didn’t quite make it. Why? Well… 

It was really hot. Like Arizona hot. Both of us were going through water like crazy. Then, it turns out the mileage in our trail book is waaay off. Then, we ran into snow, drifts big and deep enough to block the trail. Now, maybe this doesn’t sound like a big deal, but when you’ve been hiking uphill for 3.5 miles already, snow really slows you down. It takes twice as much effort to climb over snow drifts. 

We made it to the overlook at just short of 4 miles. It is a beautiful spot, see the pictures below.
And no, Matt, it’s not snowboarding season yet!

8 miles total, a beautiful way to spend the day!