Coming Soon! Lightwave: Clocker

I’m so excited! I will publish Lightwave: Clocker May 21st, 2018!

The book is currently in the hands of my proofreader–a miracle occurred and I sent it early–and the artwork is completed and completely awesome.cropped-3d-render-book-transparent.png

For now, I will only be publishing on Amazon. I know some of you are Nook or iTunes fans, but as a new author with a small following, Kindle Unlimited on the ‘Zon is pretty necessary for discoverability. I don’t plan to leave it on there forever, and a special offer will be coming to all of you soon to get your very own copy free! Stay tuned!

Book 2.0, Lightwave: The Sisters of Cygnus will release in mid-June. A Prequel Novella, Lightwave: Nexus Station, the story of how Lightwave’s Security Officers met, will be available this summer too–but only to those who sign up for my newsletter. Sign up link is coming soon!

Book 3.0, Lightwave: Falling Star, is written–it will be out this fall.

My next post will be all about Team Rubicon again. We’re kicking off Operation Get Yer Goat, a fire mitigation project in partnership with the Five Valleys Land Trust. We’ll have a bunch of bad-ass people running chainsaws, stacking up firewood and piling slash. I’ll post more pictures than I did last time!

Have a great week!