Too long

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve updated my progress – it’s been a busy month in the Scott household.

Lightwave Publishing LLC is a reality and I have a bank account and PayPal set up. I’ve also sent my book brief off to Deranged Doctor Design – my chosen cover designer. They do my favorite covers in the space opera genre, they’re reasonably priced and they know what sells.

I also typed “the end” on book three of my space opera series! It currently sits at 93k words with a cliffhanger ending. I didn’t want to do a cliffhanger, I like to have each book wrap up to some extent, but this one insisted. What can I do? The book is in charge, I’m just the writer.

I want to thank fellow authors Lou Cadle (cli-fi) and Eric T. Knight (fantasy and adventure westerns) for their help and encouragement. We’ve been writing “together” in a chat room – the encouragement with a little competitiveness helps a lot. They’re the reason I’ve finished weeks sooner than I planned.

So, now that I’ve got three Lightwave novels finished, I’m revising the first one. There’s some inconsistencies I’ve got to fix and far too many adverbs to kill off. I still plan to publish early this summer.

One of the reasons I haven’t updated you for a while is my work with Team Rubicon. We had a Regional Conference – I brought home a nasty cold along with a very nice jacket and Hydroflask (thanks, Jonas!) – then a training session in Bozeman and a wildland firefighter tour through southern Montana. The TRibe is increasing in Montana!

Finally, I hope everyone is having as good a day as I am. Today is our 25th wedding anniversary. Yes, the Amazing Sleeping Man and I have been together through conflicting careers, military madness, crazy moves, and semi-retirement. In a very surprising move, the ASM presented me with the beautiful ring pictured here – down on one knee and everything!

Love you forever, ASM!