Gonna make a resolution, that I’ll never make another one…

I don’t make resolutions, but I do make plans. Since I was a strategic planner and project manager the last half of my military career, it comes naturally. So, here’s my big goal: 2018 is the year I independently publish. I’m going to let you know how it’s going along the way.

I made the decision to independently publish—aka ‘go indie’—for several reasons. The first is monetary. While having the power of a major publisher behind you can mean more sales, the publisher takes the majority of the revenue. As an indie, I control what I spend and keep everything I bring in.

Second, I’d no longer fully control my book. Somebody else controls my intellectual property. While changes aren’t usually made without the author’s approval, it can (and has) happened. And there’s still pressure to change to an editor’s desires to increase sales. Sales are important, but they’re not the only thing that’s important to me. I also want a say in my book covers and blurbs, even though that could hurt me too—picking the wrong title or cover can be a sales killer. I also have to find my own editor and other staff, although much of that I can do on my own.

Third, even traditionally published authors end up doing much of their own marketing and publicity these days. Why make the effort and not get the rewards?

Will it be easy? No. But I’m pressing ahead.

Since this is a second career for me, and I work occasionally for a lawyer friend, the first business decision I made was to consult with that same lawyer. He suggested I start a limited liability company. While being sued as an author probably isn’t common, anyone can be sued for anything these days, and we have assets to protect. I’m also older than your average starting writer, so thinking about what happens to my intellectual property when I’m gone is important. By forming an LLC, these issues are easier to deal with. And, I can rope my husband, the Amazing Sleeping Man, into the whole scheme by making him a member. It’s my evil plan to make him do all the financial work associated with the business when I’m wildly successful. With the new tax laws, there may be some tax advantages too.

I’ve officially started Lightwave Publishing LLC this week. Next, I’ll open bank and other financial accounts, and contact my chosen cover artist. I’ll write about that one separately.

Oh, and that resolution stuff? Well, I did make one. I–along with a billion others–will lose weight this spring. Do you want to know how that goes too? Two and a half pounds so far! Not bad since I attended a Team Rubicon Region VIII conference last weekend, with lots of food and drink. And fun, too.

What’s your resolution this year? Or will you never make another one?

The blog title is from “Trip Around the Sun” sung by Jimmy Buffett and Martina McBride, a favorite of mine. Enjoy!


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