Book Birthday!

Lightwave: Shooting Star, Folding Space 3.0, is live today! Buy here now: Amazon and Kobo. There’s going to be a delay at other retailers because of my Team Rubicon deployment–I couldn’t meet an upload deadline. My apologies to those of you who buy from Nook, Apple, Smashwords, etc… but it will be live on November 4th!

Video Couldn’t Kill This Radio Star!

The radio star in question, Steve Fullerton, interviewed yours truly, for the AM 1240 KLYQ Local Events Radio Show, airing tomorrow at 8:00 am Mountain Time! And always available on the net, of course. 1240 KLYQ We talk about my writing process, how I came up with the idea for Lightwave: Clocker, and my upcoming…

It’s my book birthday!

Today is the day! Lightwave: The Sisters of Cygnus is out in the wild! On sale for one week at $1.99! Book 1.0 and 3.0 are on sale too!

Ebb, Flow and Perseverance

I’ve been blessed to have some really awesome writing days lately. This week, I’ve written almost 10,000 words. Now, some authors write 10k a day, but I don’t. A really good day for me is about 2k. Saturday was outstanding. Not only did I write 2,500 words on Book 4.0, but I also started a short…