Digging The Root

Digging out, in more ways than one.

There’s a deck under there…somewhere.

It’s been an interesting week + since my last post.

First, THANK YOU to everyone who bought Lightwave: Lost, Folding Space Series 4.0. I reached my highest Amazon author ranking yet at #854/7000 in the Science Fiction category. While this isn’t best-seller territory by any means, I’m thrilled and thankful! I’m now digging out of the email, social media and writing I let slide while watching my sales charts obsessively for a few days. 

Along with the new release, the Amazing Sleeping Man had some minor surgery. No worries, he’s fine and back to snowboarding already, but the first couple of days I was pretty unproductive. More digging out of email, etc.

But I’m digging out of more than administrivia. Remember my notes about the unseasonable warmth in western Montana? Well, not anymore. Last week started with bone-chilling temps in the single digits F. Then, the snow started. And it didn’t stop.

So. Much. Snow.

AM demonstrates futile determination

“But AM, you live in Montana! Don’t you get snow all the time?”

Sure, we do, but not like this. I live in the so-called “Banana Belt” in SW MT, not up in NW MT by Glacier. Our temps are usually moderate and we get moderate snowfall.

Think we need the 4-wheel drive?
But not this time. Nope, by the time this storm was done, we had 31 inches on my back deck. Our wonderful neighbors came out and plowed us out, so we didn’t have to shovel too much.

Thank the suns for neighbors with snowplows!

Next, record cold has hit. Those new snowshoes are coming in handy right here at home, carving a path to our woodshed. Wish I’d remembered I had them before I took the garbage out to the can at the road. Wading through three feet of snow was a slow slog!

There’s an upside to all the snow. Skiing was epic last Thursday! What wasn’t epic was the drive time doubling due to blizzard conditions, full parking lot and the twenty-minute lift line waits. The longest wait we’ve ever had at Lost Trail. Also not so epic, the two-foot wind-driven snow roller I didn’t see, hit, flew through the air, and didn’t quite stick the landing. Good thing the snow was soft–nothing was hurt but my pride.

So, the weird-weather adventures continue. How’s your weather?

Stay safe out there!