Ebb, Flow and Perseverance

I’ve been blessed to have some really awesome writing days lately. This week, I’ve written almost 10,000 words. Now, some authors write 10k a day, but I don’t. A really good day for me is about 2k.

Saturday was outstanding. Not only did I write 2,500 words on Book 4.0, but I also started a short story.  Then the Amazing Sleeping Man and I went to the River City Roots Festival and listened to a great band called RapidGrass. After we came home I finished the story at 2,500 words. That’s 5k words!

I took Sunday off–went to Church, talked to friends, lazed around and had a nice relaxing day with the ASM.

Today was another awesome writing day. Today, along with Lou Cadle and Eric T. Knight, I wrote 4,154 words on Book 4.0! Will I keep writing this quickly? I don’t know. For me, writing is like a tide. I have great days, where everything flows and my fingers do all the work. Then I have terrible days of tidal ebb, where none of the words want to come. That’s when social media or my e-reader starts calling my name. But I don’t give in to the siren song during writing time. No, I keep writing. Sometimes what I write on those days gets trashed, morphed, or deleted. But sometimes it ends up being critical to the novel.  The moral of the story? Keep pushing even when you’re having a bad day. Persevere. Don’t stop. Because even bad day can end up productive if you just keep going.

By the way, that short story? It’s the story of Saree’s tazan silk dress, which makes an appearance early in Lightwave: Clocker and occasionally in Book 2.0 and 3.0. It’s featured in Book 4.0. Not sure where I’ll publish it yet, but I’ll let you know.

I hope your days are flowing!