The Amazing Sleeping Man, starring as Tim ‘The Toolman’ Taylor

“Anne!” The Amazing Sleeping Man bellows from the bathroom. “Anne!!!”

I sprint to the bathroom, worried because the ASM rarely yells, and catch myself on the door frame. Water covers the bathroom floor and it’s rapidly spreading. Yikes! I sprint to the basement, almost killing myself because my slippers are coming loose as I careen down the stairs, and look for the water cutoff frantically. Where is it?! Found it. I carefully pull the lever on the water pipe up, and the flow of water from the pressure tank slows, then stops. Whew. I tromp back up the stairs, arms full of towels. “What happened?”

The ASM is standing in the shower and I get ‘the look.’ You know the one–the impatient, ‘isn’t it obvious?’ look. He says, “I’m trying to fix the shower.”

Ah, that explains it. A while ago, we started having flow issues and the water wasn’t getting hot. Not only that, but I noticed some of the silicon caulking had loosened, and we had some mold. Since my parents had a home renovation business for a few years, I  do most of the ‘fix it’ chores around the house.

Unfortunately, I’m also a champion procrastinator.

Due to a number of factors, most of them being me, the repairs were slow. I finally got all the old caulking out and sealed the tile, and I intended to recaulk today. But I guess the ASM got tired of showering in the other bathroom and decided to take matters into his own hands. This rarely goes well, because he hates doing home repair and despite his affinity for mechanical things like cars and airplane, he’s horrible impatient and therefore, terrible at it. He decided to take the shower controls apart to find what part we needed. Unfortunately, he didn’t do quite enough research first. Water started sprayed out of the loosened controls right into his face.

Not only that, but the water spraying on his glasses meant he didn’t see the water flowing full force from the handheld showerhead, carefully placed outside the shower pan by yours truly while I was sealing the tile. Oops.

Fortunately, it looks like we got everything stopped and mopped up before any real damage could be done. Not only that, but Matt got the replacement part and fixed the shower controls. After watching some YouTube videos. Now we just have to wait for the tile to dry out again so I can re-caulk.

You can bet I won’t be procrastinating on that chore!


Oh, wait, it’s snowing at Lost Trail. Skiing tomorrow! And Friday! And there’s this other thing, and books to write, and…