Books – Romantic Suspense

The Wild Blue Yonder – a four-book romantic suspense series about Active Duty Air Force officers, set mostly in Colorado Springs, CO.

Fly, Fight & Win – Major Amy Stone and her dog Rex save injured fighter pilot Chris deep in the wilderness. Can a geeky engineer trust a cocky flyboy with her heart? Can love survive deployment, a stalker and combat injury?

Fights On! Holly and Luke were high school sweethearts, but their fathers broke them apart for all the wrong reasons. Now that Luke’s found Holly again, he’s not letting go—no matter what obstacles their families put in the way. Especially when both their families are involved in treason.

Covert Fight – Captain Kristin Lake is beautiful and uses her beauty like a weapon—all’s fair in love and war, and she’s in the business of war. Will she change her flirtatious ways to win over the right guy? And what’s she going to do about those pesky Chinese spies?

Fight for the Light – Staff Sergeant Kit Kitterage and Captain Jake Aral were professional colleagues only—neither willing to break the rules and act on their forbidden attraction. Except for that one time they were both drunk… Now that they’re both out of the military and working together again, are they willing to risk the company for a relationship? And how much will their relationship matter when the Chinese are after their revolutionary technology?

Four Wild Blue short stories are available.

Veterans of Marcus, Montana – A four-book series about combat-injured military veterans transitioning to civilian life in the slightly dangerous small town of Marcus, Montana.

Coffee & Cars – Erin Moore’s business would be booming if she could just find some decent help and get rid of the exceedingly rich and slimy Peter Cust. Can wounded warrior Ryan convince her—and himself—that he’s the man for the job? And will they survive Cust’s revenge? And what about Erin’s stuck-up banker Mother?

Ranchers & Rescues – Wiz is a paranoid, reclusive computer security expert, her mind and body wounded by a brutal military sexual assault. Can a regular old cattle rancher, and his Vietnam veteran dad, help her heal? Will they survive when Wiz’s ex-husband decides he was cheated out of her new business and brings in old enemies to help him?

Bakers & Bad Guys – Deb is “Cupcake Woman,” bringing delicious baked goods to the world and increasing dress sizes throughout Marcus. An infamous mobster wants to spread her influence, while using her business to launder his dirty money. Can ex-Army grunt Kev rescue the girl and save the cupcakes?

Lawyers & Lovers – Sam is the last single girl left, but she’s happy. She’s got a great career and doesn’t need a man. Trevor regrets leaving Sam behind, but the Navy was his way out of Marcus. When he loses a leg, he joins the FBI. Will Sam let Trevor protect her when the mob and Erin’s mom join forces?